I’m notgull! I am a Software/Firmware Engineer with a heavy interest in Rust.

I got my hands on a QBASIC interpreter at the age of 8, and ever since I’ve been programming in some way, shape or form. Here’s a handful of projects I’ve worked on:

  • I created the breadx implementation of X11, which was the only X11 implementation in Rust that supports async, and still the one that does it best.
  • I maintain smol, an async runtime for Rust that focuses on a lack of clutter.
  • I’m a frequent contributor to softbuffer and winit, two libraries that aim to make the Rust GUI story read a lot better.

In 2017, I began writing for the SCP Wiki. Since then, I have written over 70 SCPs and tales. Highlights include my 001 proposal, SCP-3733, Team Bird, and The Little Robot that Could. By and large my writing has slowed to a crawl, although I still write something there every now and then.

I also create animations and other things on my YouTube Channel, if that’s your flavor.